Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Say yes to an online wedding dress.

Hey, haven't posted here in a while. My last entry was in November, which is more than half a year ago. Not the most dedicated blogger around but I guess life has been busy and I haven't been really into fashion these days. I suppose I am kind of past that stage whereby I keep up with all the latest fashion trends and whatnot. My next stage in life is getting ready for my house, so I've been updating myself with interior design blogs instead.

But before that, I just want to share something I've discovered and have been trying to recommend to my friends, but unfortunately I don't think many people take this route. People from my generation (I kinda like to think that we were the pioneers in blogging) would have grown up by now and some may have considered getting married and all that shebang.

And undoubtedly many would have thought of engaging a bridal studio to get their gowns along with their wedding photoshoot and wedding day photographers. BUT I would like to present an alternative, which I know some may be wary of.

In this day and age, tons of people shop online for clothes, electronics and even home accessories. But what about your wedding gown? Buying a wedding gown is definitely not something new, in fact most people in Western countries buy wedding gowns instead of renting. But in Singapore, we rent our wedding gowns (not sure why and how this started). Probably the thought of buying a wedding gown scares many, because there are so many things to consider, such as getting the gown fitted properly and worrying whether the style of the gown fits your body shape.

But for the adventurous, I would like to suggest this online company called Jasmine's Bridal Shop.

First, let me wow you with some images.


credits: chowerbiscuit and Jasmine's Bridal Shop on weddingbee.com

And this is the original dress from Australian designer Anna Campbell, the Aisling.

credits: anna campbell

When I saw the dress from Jasmine's Bridal Shop (JBS), I was seriously floored. Stunned into silence and needed a minute to appreciate the amazing detailing and beadwork. 

And here's another, this dress from Israeli designer Inbal Dror is quite popular among their customers. Inbal Dror does a lot of low back and figure hugging dresses, perfect for brides who want to show off their slamming body.

credits: JBS

They have done a ton of other dresses, you can check out their portfolio on Facebook here or their blog here. I love the J'aton dress they did in pink, it's crazy amazing. And yes, they are a China company. But don't look down on that fact. It doesn't discount the fact that they do beautiful work. They supply gowns mainly to bridal stores but they also sell to consumers like you and me.  

So for those who intend to buy their gown, look no further than JBS! 

(This is not an advert, I just want to spread the word and see more beautiful gowns made by them)

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Underground Market preview.

top row: zara parka and sweater
middle row: h&m jeans, topshop leather vest and zara mesh-sleeved top
bottom row: jeffrey campbell piranha

Looking to kit out your wardrobe for this chilly weather? I've got you covered. I'll be selling a lot of fall winter appropriate clothing at the Underground Market. Expect lots of outerwear from me and of course, the mainstay fall winter color of black. Feel free to drop me an email if there's something you'd like to get.

Remember, mark out the date, December the eighth at 33A Chiltern Drive, from 12pm to7pm.

Hope to see you there! ;)

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Underground Market version 4.0

How time flies...it's that time of the year again! And no, I don't mean Christmas - it's time for the Underground Market! We are gearing up for the fourth edition of the Underground Market since it's inception in Aug 12 and boy, how far we have progressed! From a flea thrown together in short notice to a biannual event that is marked on everyone's calendar.

And continuing from our last flea, we will be featuring new guests! Of course, you will see us regular old folks (Arissa from monoxious, Venetia from Fashion on Your Feet, Lenne from Aetienne, Pia who is Pia Jacqueline on Instagram and Linda from Lindahaoliyuan), but we will be having three fresh faces as well. I can't reveal them now but follow us on Facebook at Underground Market to find out very, very soon! Oh, and also to check out our stash. ;)

So save the date, it's December the eighth!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Work it.

top & skorts - taobao, necklace - forever21, shoes - h&m

Since I haven't been blogging as regularly, I have quite a bit of new clothes that I haven't featured on this blog and these two pieces from taobao are just some of the new pieces that I have been wearing regularly. I love this sweatshirt and you know skorts are the new shorts. Or the new skirts. Well whatever they are, they are definitely here to stay in my wardrobe.

Friday, July 12, 2013

We're back.

It's back and it's bigger and better than ever! In our third Underground Market, we roped in new but definitely familiar faces and names to y'all who follow the blogosphere. I'm sure you are all excited to see Min of Feist Heist, Amanda & Fion of Drmers and Shawn and Rach of Cult of Nine on the list - as am I! I can't wait to see what they bring to the market.

As for me, I'll definitely be bringing a ton of clothes and accessories for you guys to buy. Here's a teensy sneak preview of some of the stuff you will see on the 27th. See you guys on the 27th!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


top - asos, skirt - h&m, shoes - superga

A post, hallelujah! It's definitely been a while. This picture is actually from quite a while back, I just never got around to posting it. And it is incidentally the last OOTD picture that I've had in my library. Life just...got in the way. A lot has changed since this picture - my hair is slightly longer now and my back is better now. Oh but I haven't worn that top since the day this picture was taken because I haven't washed it yet. Eeks!

There is a purpose for this post though. As you all know (whoever who is still reading this!), Underground Market is back again this year! Totally excited for it. We have new additions and I will reveal more details in the next post.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Come and get it.

plaid shirt - uniqlo, skorts - zara, jacket - taobao, boots - asos

Wore this outfit on one of those rare rainy days. But as usual, when it rains in the morning, the sun would miraculously come out later during the day and turn it hot and humid. Just like how when it's warm in the mornings, it suddenly rains in the evening for no good reason. Bleh, really disliking this erratic weather - how am I supposed to know how to dress for the day?!