Monday, January 9, 2012

It's a mad, mad world.

dress - feist heist, jacket - h&m, necklace - forever21, shoes - jeffrey campbell maddow

You know sometimes you didn't get something even though you really wanted it and then regret it much later when it's no longer available? Kinda how I feel about the Minimarket cut-out oxfords that were marked down on Urban Outfitters a while back. Because it's really so hard to find unique looking flats and I really want more flat shoes to wear out when I'm with Eugene.

It's no Night Walk for sure (hopefully I can get the Night Nail for my next shoe purchase), but it sure is a unique pair to add to my collection of flat shoes.


Anonymous said...

hi emma!

would like to know what is the size of your denim leather jacket? I'm trying to buy one on ebay and their sizing is confusing me.

thanks a lot.

emma said...

@anonymous, Mine's a 36! I usually take a 34 in tops for H&M but so far when I've tried their blazers/jackets, I find that 36 fits me better because it allows more movement.

Vulette said...

I've just been spending the afternoon going through your blog, I love your style! I especially love your JC studded shoes, they're fantastic!

V x

Anonymous said...

Hey Emma,
do you want to sell your JC shoes?

emma said...

@anonymous, I'm sorry I'm afraid I won't be selling any of my JC shoes!

chanelesque said...

i think these shoes are nicer than the night nail and the night walk! those two are idk so very kinky. happy chinese new year!

emma said...

@chanelesque, thanks, happy chinese new year to you too!