Sunday, January 22, 2012

Old gold.

top - shopskinned, shorts - forever21, flats - aldo, necklace - h&m, clutch - zara

So I almost never wear gold jewelry, for the sole reason that most of the metalwork on the rest of my clothes/accessories are silver and I'm not really a fan of mixing gold and silver. But this caught my eye at H&M and I thought I would try it against my black pieces. I usually buy jewelry from Forever21 because it's cheap, but lately their jewelry range hasn't impressed me much.

The top is a recent acquisition from shopskinned. They are one of the few blogshops that I frequent sometimes but usually never buy from. Sometimes it's because I miss their launch and some of the stuff that I like got sold out. I only diligently follow thescarletroom for launches. But this top reminded me so much of this one from ASOS that I had been eyeing for ages but didn't get because 25GBP seemed a bit pricey for just a simple jersey top. So of course I had to get the one from shopskinned! For about S$25, it's definitely a steal. I'm cutting down my purchases now for the sole reason of saving up for a costly purchase in the future - the renovation of my new house. It's all for a good cause!

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