Saturday, March 17, 2012


dress - lucyd acyd, vest - topshop, belt - forever21, shoes - Marni by H&M, jewelry - forever21

Major thanks to Venetia for taking these outfit shots for me! She is so detailed - I can only wish that Eugene could take shots like that! Of course, I think pigs would fly before that happens. Just saying! Anyway, the point of this post really is to show the new Marni x H&M flats that I recently acquired, thanks to a friend who was very, very kind to help me get them. My first item from a H&M collection! I had my eye on these flats since I saw the teaser campaign pictures - the clothes are great, but the shoes are to die for!

I'm still feeling metallics for spring, hence this shoe, and I just love how easy and laid back it is, despite the shiny surface. I'm always grousing about flat shoes being so uninteresting and plain, so when I see something that is different (and affordable), I'm drawn like a moth to a flame.

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